Friday, March 17, 2006


Well, I am hooked on another recent technological development. I have had an iPod for over a year now, and I had become bored with just listening to music on it. So I started downloading Podcasts. Now, I am hooked. It gives me the opportunity to listen to the teachers and radio programs I enjoy without having to deal with the ones who nauseate me. So, if you are into podcasting, let me recommend a few that I think would be worthwhile (AND THEY ARE FREE!). By the way, even if you don't have an iPod, you can still use the free iTunes program to download podcasts.

1. John Piper, Desiring God (daily)
2. Ravi Zacharias, Let My People Think (weekly)
3. Ravi Zacharias, Just Thinking (daily)
4. R. C. Sproul, Renewing Your Mind (currently only available on Fridays)
5. John MacArthur, Grace to You (daily)
6. Greg Koukl, Stand to Reason (weekly)
7. Hank Hanegraaff, Bible Answer Man (daily)
8. Mission Network News (daily)
9. Joe Focht, Calvary Chapel Philadelphia (not sure of the frequency of this podcast)
10. Chuck Smith, Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa (several options, daily and weekly)
11. Al Mohler (daily)

Now, if only Alistair Begg and Mark Dever had a free podcast, I would have all the teachers I really enjoy. Until then, I have enough to keep my ears busy.


Russ Reaves said...

As I went out for the evening with my family, I was talking with my wife, and I said, I just finished typing up a short blog on podcasting. Then it hit me -- a year ago, I don't think I knew what either one of those words meant. Now I am blogging on podcasting. Stay tuned. Maybe I will launch a podcast on blogging.

Russ Reaves said...

... but I still don't Sudoku.

Russ Reaves said...

OK, now here is the dangerous thing. Shortly after I said, "I still don't Sudoku," I was listening to a podcast of Al Mohler, and he said he was hooked on Sudoku, so I said, "OK I will try it." Now I am hooked on Sudoku. So here I am blogging about a podcast about Sudoku. Have you seen that commercial with the babies on it that says, "You will learn more in Kindergarten than your parents knew in College"? Case in point. My 5 year old son knows about iPods, ebay, Sudoku, and blogging. Man, this world moves fast doesn't it? When I was in college, one geek in our dorm had a huge computer that he had to put on phone receiver onto to connect to the "server" where people just talked about boring things and played strange games.

It is a great time to be alive. Let's use all these advances for the glory of Christ. Can you Sudoku for God's glory? Another topic for another day.

Watercolored said...

Hi Pastor,
I'm from Joe Focht's church, Calvary Chapel. Only 15 epsodes at this point on the podcast. I too, wish there were more. I am a daily listener of his program, Straight from the heart. You can hear Joe anytime on your computer at I am spoiled for other churches. I'm addicted to RZIM too. Mary

Russ Reaves said...

Hi Mary -- Small world here in the blogosphere. When I was pastor at Conowingo Baptist Church in Conowingo, MD, I met some friends at CCPhilly through the Harvest Crusade '99. Namely, there was a lady named Paula who helped with the Crusade and Jerry Paradise. Jerry invited me to the CC Pastors Conference, and there I met one of my heroes, Pastor Chuck Smith, as well as your Pastor Joe. My wife and I started taking an occasional Wednesday night away for refreshment, and we would travel up to CCPhilly to hear Joe preach and Rob lead in worship. You have a great church there. Now that we are in NC, we miss it. I was glad to find Joe's podcast, and I hope he will keep adding files in the future.

Russ Reaves said...

Since posting this almost two months ago, I have learned that Alistair Begg now has a free podcast. Come on Mark Dever -- join the podcast revolution!

Russ Reaves said...

UPDATE: Dever now has a podcast. Find it on iTunes by searching "Capitol Hill Baptist Church"