Tuesday, September 29, 2009

God Exposed Conference: Notes on Session 4

C. J. Mahaney
"Expository Faithfulness" (2 Timothy 4:1-5)

Timothy's reception and initial reading of 2 Timothy - A moment of historic transition in the early church

Timothy's ministry in Ephesus was difficult and soon he would have to endure it without his father in the faith, but he would have this letter.

Apart from a godly example, your preaching is the most effective way to serve and lead your church

Never assume that those you serve have sufficient knowledge of the Gospel. Assume they need a fresh reminder

Never address another subject without connecting it to the gospel

Never be more passionate about any other subject than the gospel.

Lloyd-Jones - "The traveler through the biblical landscape gets lost if they lose sight of the hill called Calvary." Our people must know that there will be a sighting.

We must be committed to being UNORIGINAL.

Faithfulness to the message requires priority, content, and pastoral discernment and skill (reprove, rebuke, exhort)

You cannot pastor or preach without patience regardless of your precision with the text. Preaching is easier than practicing patience. Lack of patience will show up in your preaching. When I'm impatient with others, I've forgotten God's patience with me.

Sanctification is a very slow process, not an event. It is not ordinarily affected by a single sermon or even your best series. If someone thinks it happens that way, we need to teach them to protect them from disillusionment.

Your expectations of your people should be:
1) Be grateful they even come back.
2) Don't expect them to comprehend quickly what has taken you years.

All Christians will suffer to some degree. Pastors will endure additional suffering. It is inevitable, so prepare for it, don't be surprised by it, understand the sanctifying purpose of God through it, and glorify God in it.

If you address the lost in every message, they will come back and know that you will be addressing them in the message.

Fulfilling your ministry involves persevering until the task is complete, regardless of success or the lack thereof, regardless of suffering. Do it all today, wake up tomorrow and do it all again, and every day thereafter.

Awareness of God's presence and the final day of reckoning will transform our ministry and our souls.

Discouragement over a sermon usually reveals that I was intending to impress rather than to serve.

On the final day we will never be more aware of our sin, more amazed at grace, and more grateful for the cross.

On the last day we will not be standing before our critics. We will stand before God, who has every right to condemn us but will reward us.

Audio here: http://apps.sebts.edu/chmessages/resource_2547/God_Exposed_Session_4.mp3

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