Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Vermont Update 9/18

Howdy folks, we are all doing well and for the most part EXHAUSTED! The kitchen counter and sink at the church are done. We have put framing for the drop ceiling up completely in two rooms and partially in a third. I have spent the better part of three days on a ladder, and I am feeling the pain now. We're all moving a little slower, but there is a sense of satisfaction in having completed the work we came to do. Today, the "non-construction" portion of the team went over to Barre and worked for a while in a pregnancy center and helped a church member with some personal needs. They shared that it was a positive experience.

Every person on this team has made a unique contribution and had a unique impact. It has been a joy to get to know each one a little better and to see the Lord use each one in special ways.

Having completed our work, we have earned a day off and tomorrow we are going out sightseeing and doing touristy things on Thursday.

Thanks so much for praying for us. The Lord has given us strength for our tasks, safety and good health, good fellowship. It has been a great journey thus far. Also pray for a good final day in Vermont, and for safe travel as we return home on Friday. Now that we've passed the half way point, I think we are all eager to get back home where the beds are more familiar and cozy, the shower is better than a flesh-piercing mist, and there are familiar faces of loved ones who could not come along for this adventure.

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