Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Back to blogging

After trying my hardest to be hip and cool, I have finally come to the realization that I am just not either. I am comfortable being a geek. My wife and I enjoy date nights at Barnes and Noble. Is that wrong? Should we not do that?

My point here is this: My good friend David Soesbee, some months ago persuaded me to move my blog to because he said I could get more traffic there. And I have gotten plenty of traffic, but I confess, myspace is just a little out of my comfort zone. I feel like an old man logging into the thing and seeing all these pictures of teeny-boppers out to meet the love of their life, or at least of their next ten minutes online.

So, persuaded by the good influence of the Baptist Blogger, Billy Belk, I am back on blogspot. Please visit my now defunct blog at to read my previous posts.


Anonymous said...

I do not like Ice Hockey. There, I said it on this website for everyone to hear. There are too many strange rules that prevent the game from making sense. It is not that I couldn't understand the rules if I wanted to, but I refuse to learn them because they are meaningless, and break up what would be an otherwise Canadian version of Soccer. I realize the evolution of the sport has its roots in a region of the world where it is under ten degrees nine months out of the year, so I cut fans from that region some slack. One thing I cannot abide is a person from the great Basketball state of North Carolina who casts his lot in with Hockey. But that is the current "state of the state" in North Carolina. There is a Hockey arena/skatepark/ice rink/court/whatever it is called only 5 miles away from the Capitol in Raleigh! The South did not wake up one morning and all its sons become Hockey fans. We were infiltrated by sleeper cells from far off places like Minnesota and Maine. Station Wagons full of Hockey fans from New England were given a stipend to move their families from the Greater Boston area to our quiet, Basket Ball loving small towns. Through apathy and ignorance over time the Hockey Mafia has slowly gained a foothold on our children and tightened their strangle-hold on our young men. I am just one man. I cannot turn the tide of the Hockey infestation! I need your help. Hockey has started to wither on the vine in the past few years. If we can just ignore it for another two seasons I think the NHL will either fold completely or withdraw to the colder states to circle their wagons. This is no time for the feint of heart. Protect your children, their culture, and their future! Show the toothless bullies that they cannot legalize their brutal gladiator games in our beloved motherland! The absence of action on your part is an open invitation for these heathen games to thrive. Do the right thing. Vote "No" on June 2, 2006. Your Grandchildren will thank you.

Russ Reaves said...

For those who don't know already, this comment was posted by Capt. Joshua Wells, USMC. Anyone who knows Josh knows what kind of individual we are dealing with (all I can say is Osama better watch out). Anyone who doesn't know Josh doesn't know what a blessing they are missing. Everyone needs a friend like him to keep them guessing.

Now, as to his "shock and awe" campaign against ice hockey, I have found that this is the response from people who are ashamed and embarrased by the fact that they cannot ice skate, and prefer to watch people "dribble". Is it just me or has basketball become the most boring and irrelevant sport in America recently (with the exception of NASCAR which will always top that list in my opinion). They don't even dribble anymore. When I was a kid playing basketball, we'd have been called for "palming" or "turning the ball over" dribbling like they do today. I think Michael Jordan is to blame for the overlooking of this rule today. And its pretty much either 3-pointers or dunks. All I can say is, lace 'em up and try to do that one ice.

Josh brings up a good point -- Ice hockey is not native to the South. However, I have followed it all my life, and I am a product of "Tobacco Road," ACC basketball country. We had a great time when I was a kid at the Carolina Thunderbird games back at the old W-S Coliseum. (We won't mention the string of "one season wonders" who have taken the ice in W-S since then). And how about the Greensboro Monarchs/Generals? The Charlotte Checkers? And now we have the hottest team in the NHL -- The Carolina Hurricanes. Meanwhile, in "BASKETBALL Country", NC, have the Charlotte Bobcats even won a game? I hear that people buy tickets to those games just to go look at the arena and its hi-tech jumbotron. Meanwhile, week in and week out, victories are won in that arena, not by the Bobcats, but by the Checkers. A winning hockey team, legitimizing the existence of a multi-gazillion dollar arena built to house a losing basketball team.

Thanks Josh for pulling my string to get me talking about hockey. By the way there are only about 3 rules that need explanation, but I understand that even this can be overwhelming to some. I hear that plastic explosives are often labelled with "do not eat."