Friday, April 07, 2006

The West Africa Situation

Some friends who serve in West Africa just sent me their prayer update. I will not share their names or location here for security reasons, but I will share with you a quote from their email. As you read it, pray for G, A, and M and the work that they do in West Africa. We are so glad to see God using them in a mighty way!

God has done so much for us and this Resurrection Sunday, we celebrate His greatest victory. Yet, there are those in West Africa who do not know that it is even a possibility to experience God’s presence in their lives. There are over 1,612 people groups in West Africa’s 22 countries. Yet, there are only 52 people groups who have our personnel working among them. 352 people groups in West Africa have no access to the Gospel. Half of the region's people groups have a population less than 18,000. So who is going to tell people groups like the Konkabay, Marara, Mboteni, and the Binari? All are in remote locations. They do not have health care, do not have a long life expectancy, live primitively, and carry dirty water in buckets on their heads for miles just so that they can have something to drink. And even more disturbing is that they have never heard one word from the Holy Scriptures. It is not necessary to convince them of anything. Our job is to tell them – tell them what God has done for us.

As we celebrate our victory through Jesus this approaching Resurrection Sunday, let’s remember those who have never experienced the ultimate victory. Ask our Father, “Are you calling me to go and tell others of what you have done for me?” Pray that God will send laborers so that all the people will “…have fellowship with us”.

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