Monday, May 15, 2006

... But it's just a novel ...

According to a George Barna study cited in today's Baptist Press, the Da Vinci Code is much more than just a novel. Below is material copied and pasted from that article:

One out of every five Americans has read "The Da Vinci Code," and 2 million of them have changed their religious beliefs because of it, a new Barna Group poll indicates.

The poll was released May 15, just four days before a movie based on the novel hits the big screen. According to the poll, roughly 45 million people -- 20 percent of those polled -- have read the book "cover to cover." Among those who have read the book:

-- Twenty-four percent said the book was "extremely," "very" or "somewhat" helpful to them in relation to their "personal spiritual growth or understanding." That's some 11 million people, an online analysis on Barna's website notes.

-- Five percent said the book led them to change some of their beliefs or religious perspectives. That translates to 2 million people.

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