Friday, May 04, 2007

Reading Over My Shoulder: Bock, The Missing Gospels

Following are some quotes and paraphrases from Darrell Bock, The Missing Gospels:

Karen King: “The variety of phenomena classified as ‘Gnostic’ simply will not support a single, monolithic definition, and in fact, none of the primary materials fits the standard typological definition.

Gnostic texts reflect a set of religious ideas within the same family of concerns.

There is no single, “magical” trait that guarantees a Gnostic presence.

The issue is not which one thing counts, but what does the whole work reflect.

Gnostic works share a common general outlook on the world that we can describe and define.

Hans-Josef Klauck: “We have no literary testimonies to a developed gnosis that can be dated indubitably to the first century CE or even earlier. The unambiguous attestation of gnosis by means of quotations by non-gnostic authors of the original documents begins, at the earliest, at the start of the second century CE; this fact would speak in favor of the Church history hypothesis [i.e. that the church belief was first and the alternative of Gnosticism followed—DB].”

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