Thursday, September 04, 2008


If you don't subscribe to the "Free Grace Broadcaster," well, frankly, you should. It's free. In other words, it actually costs you more NOT to subscribe to it. Published quarterly, each edition is a collection of essays from Puritans and great biblical scholars and preachers on a single subject. This current issue is on Apostasy. Here's a little taste from the article by Charles Spurgeon:

"The unconverted adherents to our fellowship are no loss to the Church when they depart. They are not a real loss, any more than the scattering of the chaff from the threshing-floor is a detriment to the wheat. Christ keeps the winnowing fan always going. His own preaching constantly sifted His hearers. Some were blown away because they were chaff. They did not really believe. By the ministry of the Gospel, by the order of Providence, by all the arrangements of divine government, the precious are separated from the vile, the dross is purged away from teh silver that the good seed and the pure metal may remain and be preserved. The process is always painful. It causes great searching of heart amongst those who abide faithful and occasions deep anxiety to gentle spirits of tender, sympathetic mold."

"There are many points and particulars in which the Gospel is offensive to human nature and revolting to the pride of the creature. It was not intended to please man. How can we attribute such a purpose to God? Why should He devise a Gospel to suit the whims of our poor fallen human nature? He intended to save men, but He never intended to gratify their depraved tastes. Rather doth He lay the axe to the root of the tree and cut down human pride. When God's servants are led to set forth some humbling doctrine, there are those who say, 'Ah! I will not assent to that.' They kick against any truth that wounds their prejudices."

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