Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Handwriting on the Wall

So, I am already having one of the most bizarre weeks on record. And we are out to dinner Friday night at our favorite Mexican restaurant: Las Estrellas of Winston-Salem. Haven't been there in a while -- in fact haven't been to Winston in a while. Donia's sister has a great idea: why not go downtown for coffee after dinner? Never gone to have coffee in downtown Winston-Salem, don't know anything about the coffee shops there. She recommends a place called Brew Nerds. Off we go. When we arrive at Brew Nerds, my brother-in-law asks to use the restroom, and the barista allows him to use the employees restroom. He comes out looking like he's seen a ghost. He says, "Do you guys come here ever? I thought you said you've never been here before." Right -- never been there before. So he says, "You've got to come in the restroom." The restroom is painted with chalkboard paint, and many people have "marked their territory" if you will. And the largest graffiti on the wall, just above the commode, extending almost to the ceiling is this:

OK. This is too bizarre. First of all, I know for a fact there aren't too many "Russ"es in the world. And there are even fewer "Donia"s in the world. There cannot be many combinations of "Donia & Russ" in the world, much less in our hometown of Winston-Salem. And what are the chances that someone writes this on a chalkboard wall in a coffee shop we've never been to before, and we just happen to show up and see it?

So, if there happens to be another Donia & Russ out there, we wish you all the best in your relationship for the future. If this was written just for us, thanks! We are in fact in a 4-ever bond of covenant love. If some psycho is out there stalking me trying to freak me out, it is working. Could it truly be a Daniel 5 miracle?

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Anonymous said...

i have been in that bathroom many times, and that is new. - i put it there, i am a prophet i knew you would go, that night