Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Color of Church Conference

The Color of Church Conference
By: BSCNC Communications

The Color of Church conference will be held June 26 at Immanuel Baptist Church in Greensboro.

Rodney Woo, author of The Color of Church, is the featured speaker. Woo is half Anglo-American and half Chinese. He grew up in a predominately black neighborhood with black friends, attended a predominately black school and married Sasha, a Latino.

Woo's book establishes a biblical foundation for multicultural ministry and details the current landscape of multicultural ministry. His book also tells the story of how Wilcrest Baptist Church, which he has pastored for 18 years in Houston, Texas, became a multicultural congregation.

When Woo came to Wilcrest the church averaged 200 people on Sunday mornings and was 98 percent Anglo. Woo began teaching the congregation what it means to serve the nations. Now, the congregation of more than 450 is less than half Anglo and 44 different countries are represented.

Woo recently announced he is resigning as pastor of Wilcrest and is headed to Singapore to pastor International Baptist Church. Singapore is about 43 percent Buddhist and 15 percent Christian.

Ken Tan, multicultural team leader for the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina, invites all North Carolina Baptists to attend the conference and learn biblical principles for multicultural ministry, as well as ideas for working toward a more multicultural outreach. "The conference will help create a healthy awareness about the multicultural challenges we face in North Carolina and will help us learn how to respond to these challenges," he said.

Registration is $25. For more information call (800) 395-5102 ext. 5641. To register click here.

Note, registration includes a copy of the book and lunch.

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