Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Color of Church Conference

It was a great weekend here at Immanuel with Dr. Rodney Woo and the Color of Church Conference. We were encouraged, challenged, convicted, and refreshed by God as His Word was delivered. A few things that I take away from the weekend are:

1) Multiethnic ministry requires the power of God to accomplish. We cannot manufacture it in our own strength.

2) To paraphrase Rodney Woo, if you begin with God's Word, you can't end up anywhere else but having a multiracial (his word, I prefer "multiethnic") vision.

3) It is not our programs or efforts that will be most effective in winning people to Christ, but our personal relationships with them.

4) The process of building an intentional multiethnic ministry is long and difficult, but worth every bit of sacrifice and effort.

5) Two fundamental areas where change is most crucial are worship and leadership. Two caveats to this are that worship has to be authentic, meaning that we cannot "contrive" diversity in worship until there is some diversity in the congregation; and diversity of leadership is no guarantee that diversity in the congregation will happen. But it won't happen apart from having diverse leadership.

6) Multiethnic ministry can never run on "autopilot." Ministries will regress to monocultural preferences where the multiethnic conviction is not constantly restated and on the front burner.

7) Success cannot be gauged on the response of those we are trying to reach, but on our faithfulness to reach out to them with the gospel.

These principles and many more can be heard in the audio recordings of the sessions, which are available through the following links:

Color of Church Conference Session 1

Color of Church Conference Session 2

Color of Church Sunday Bible Study

Color of Church Sunday Sermon

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