Monday, August 20, 2012

Vermont Trip: Day 4

We painted. All day. That is all. No exciting foods to report. Just painting. Lots of painting. 10 hours of painting. Venimus, Vidimus, Pictis. We came, we saw, we painted.

We were supposed to do about a half day but we kind of found our groove and got into a zone and decided to see how much we could get done. We got it all done, praise the Lord! No painting tomorrow. Thank you Jesus!

We had a few divine appointments during which we were able to plant a seed or two, but mostly it was just painting. Lots of painting.

Though our lodge is quite comfortable, we are all in agreement that there is a great need for better showerheads. We've described the water flow here as a flesh-piercing mist. I had a thought today that we might "voluntarily" replace the shower heads, but Jim wisely suggested that we not try to tackle a plumbing project after so much painting. Did I tell you how much painting we did today? We did LOTS of painting!

Thanks for your prayers.

My fingers hurt from all the painting, so no more typing.

Good night! 

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