Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Statement on a Statement about a Statement

I have been asked by several people to respond to the Vatican statement that declares that the Roman Catholic Church is the only true church. It's old news now, but my attention has needed to be elsewhere in the last few weeks. My response to the statement is brief. I'm not surprised at the statement, but I am surprised at their willingness to voice it. The fact is that this has always been the belief of the Catholic church, but post-Vatican II, no one really wanted to say it. I have great respect for Pope Benedict XVI, not because I agree with him (in this case and in many others, I vehemently disagree with him), but rather because I appreciate his willingness to take unpopular stands for what he believes is the true doctrine of his religion. I wish that more evangelicals had that courage. I am not offended by the statement, I expect the statement because of what I know about Catholic doctrine. Frankly I do not concern myself with the opinions of those who do not base their sole authority in the Scriptures alone (and the Catholic Church does not). Unless one can take a Bible and show us from it that we are not a true church, I don't worry what anyone else thinks. What does offend me slightly is that when the Pope spoke negatively toward Mohammed several months back, there was much back-peddling and apologizing and CYP (that's "Cover Your Papacy"). But for the Catholic church to speak negatively toward protestants and evangelicals is completely permissible, with no apologies necessary. It is, as one friend said, "because he knows we won't come bomb the Vatican."

For further response to the Catholic Church statement, see Al Mohler's statement, found by clicking here. For now this brings to a close my statement on Dr. Mohler's statement about the Catholic Church statement. If you would like to make a statement on my statement about his statement about their statement, you may do so in the comment section. But please bear in mind that when you make a statement on my statement about his statement about their statement, that I or someone else may make a statement about your statement about my statement on his statement about their statement. This ends my statement.

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