Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What is the Cross?

Reading the background material on John in D. A. Carson's commentary in the Pillar series, I am awestruck by this statement:

" ... the cross was there from the beginning of Jesus' ministry (Jesus is early announced as the Lamb of God, 1:29), and ... the cross is at one and the same time nothing less than God's own plan, the evidence of the people's rejection of their Messiah, the means of returning Jesus to his Father's presence, the heart of God's inscrutable purposes to bring cleansing (Jn. 13) and life to his people, the dawning of the promised eschatological age, God's astonishing plan to bring glory to himself by being glorified in his Messiah." (p94)

"The cross is not merely a revelatory moment ...: it is the death of the shepherd for his sheep, the sacrifice of one man for his nation, the life that is given for the world, the victory of the Lamb of God, the triumph of the obedient Son who in consequence of his obedience bequeaths life, his peace, his joy, his Spirit." (p97)

Yes. That is what the Cross is. 

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