Tuesday, September 29, 2009

God Exposed Conference: Notes on Session 1

Mark Dever: "The Power of God's Word" (Mark 4:26-34)

Things happen beyond our ability when we preach.

Dever's vision 15 years ago @CHBC - Christ's Kingdom is absolutely victorious. He may choose to shut us down; I may shepherd this flock to the grave but His kingdom is victorious and He has invited me to participate in it.

If you think you can be filled w/ the Spirit w/out being filled w/ the Word you better check to see what spirit is filling you.

We are tempted to think of ourselves as children of other influences. True Christians are the result of God giving life through His Word.

Appearances can be deceiving. Never confuse size w/ significance. Don't be discouraged by small things. Be careful of being influenced by large things.

Audio of this message is available here: http://apps.sebts.edu/chmessages/resource_2543/God_Exposed_Session_1.mp3

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