Tuesday, September 29, 2009

God Exposed Conference: Notes on Session 3

Michael McKinley
"The Centrality of the Word" (Luke 10:38-42)

The story of Mary/Martha launched 1000 mediocre books for women.

One thing necessary - listening to Him. The listening, not the feet, is key.

Sitting at his feet is not leisure and rest but listening.

This story means, for preachers, that we must devote ouselves to teaching & preaching Gods Word.

Luther - if I had a chance to hear God speak in person, I'd run my feet bloody to get there. But you have Him speaking in the church.

Our highest calling - faithfully study, prepare, deliver

Before you preach you must spend time listening to Him.

M Henry - those who teach by their doctrine must also teach by their life. Otherwise they pull down w/ one hand what they build up w/ the other.

Our task is not particularly glamorous; there's not much applause.

Church's #1 need is for pastors to teach them the word so they can hear God speak. Do they understand this? We have to teach them that they need us to teach them.

Tell your people they can sit at His feet and listen. They don't have to run around trying to earn God's love.

There is a danger that Quiet Times and note taking can become Martha tasks

Audio here: http://apps.sebts.edu/chmessages/resource_2546/God_Exposed_Session_3.mp3

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