Tuesday, September 29, 2009

God Exposed Conference: Notes on Session 6

Mark Dever
"Expositional Preaching: A Defense and Charge"

Preaching symbolizes that we are created by the hearing and believing of God's Word.

Egalitarian views of preachers often are part of a rejection of authority at all levels. In the Bible, there is a good, right, and proper notion of authority. Submission to that kind of authority is good. It all points us back to God's authority. To say that submission is inherently demeaning is a lie of Satan. Consider the Son's submission to the Father.

Preaching has always typified Christians. It was a scandal in the early church. Christians were considered atheists because they had no physical statue to worship. They only had words.

Preaching should be central in the service and shape the rest of the service.

The Bible is silent concerning the length of a sermon. Therefore we are free in this regard. We should not judge others in this regard. On the whole, evangelical preaching used to be longer than it is today.

In expository preaching, people will not be amazed at our insight, but at God's Word.

The "visual age" is not new. Humans have always been visually oriented. This is not the age of the eye but of the ear. Jesus didn't teach the disciples how to draw. He gave them the Spirit to write books. We desire to see with the eye, but in this world we cannot. We must hear and believe until the day when we will see.

9 Marks of Expository Preaching
1) Preach consecutively through books
2) Preach the whole Bible (Don't hide anything or hold back on anything addressed in Scripture)
3) Preaching should be "connected." Show how the text fits within the message of the whole Bible.
4) Preaching should be centered on the gospel. The whole gospel should be presented in every sermon.
5) Exposition is theological.
6) Exposition is critical of idols and false worldviews.
7) Exposition should be evangelistic, calling people to faith and modeling for the congregation how to speak to non-Christians.
8) Preaching must be applied. Not JUST the work of the Holy Spirit. We can't do it for them, but we can help them.
9) Preaching must be integrated, worked out in my own heart and life.

Audio: http://apps.sebts.edu/chmessages/resource_2551/God_Exposed_Session_6.mp3

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