Tuesday, September 29, 2009

God Exposed Conference: Notes on Session 5

Thabiti Anyabwile
"Will it Preach? Exposition in Non-White Contexts" (Nehemiah 8)

African American expositors are criticized from within their cultural context with statements like, "You preach like a white man," or "that was teaching, not preaching."

Objections to exposition in some cultural contexts include:
1) Exposition is culturally inappropriate
----- One African American preaching scholar said that exposition in an African American context may lead Christians to become pathologically disoriented requiring institutional care. In other words, exposition will make you crazy. (Source?)
2) Cultural styles
----- Hooping, Howling, and Whining. In those contexts, exposition is considered irrelevant.
3) Exposition is too intellectual

In Neh 8:1-8, the people responded to the activity of God by holding an expository preaching conference.

When God needed to awaken His people, He sent preachers. When preaching awakened, it was expository.

Weeping and celebration are seen in vv9-12 as results of exposition. If there is weeping and celebrating without exposition, what's creating that effect?

The people of Nehemiah 8 were not upper-class white scholars. They were poor Jewish exiles.

Exposition is trans-cultural. Are you or are you not part of a new humanity and new culture? What part does THAT culture play? We are a Word-people.

Exposition frees us stylistically. Clarity is trans-cultural and diminishes the importance of style.

Exposition is relevant because it is God's Word.

Your intellect as a preacher has a benefit for your hearers as you make the word clear so their intellect as hearers can be developed.

Your fundamental task is to stand in the gap and expose this God by expounding the Word. Don't be reduced to a slave holding a fan and feeding people the grapes they want. Their itching ears may desire politics, moralism, therapy, prosperity, etc., but we make them happy by showing them God.

Audio: http://apps.sebts.edu/chmessages/resource_2549/God_Exposed_Session_5.mp3

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