Tuesday, September 17, 2013

9/17 Vermont Update

Tuesday is drawing to a close, and here's a quick update on the day we've just experienced. All in all it was a spectacular day! Part of the team went prayerwalking at scenic Norwich University, one of the oldest and most prestigious military colleges in America. It is an anchor in the town of Northfield. The team was blessed as they interacted with students and viewed this campus from a Kingdom perspective. Please pray for the military and civilian students here, as well as the faculty and support staff. Pray for the Gospel to impact the campus in a mighty way.

Another part of the team worked diligently at the church on several projects -- continuing the deep cleaning, furthering progress on the kitchen remodel, and hanging the framework for a drop-ceiling. All have been thanked and complimented on their hard work. Upon walking in, several members have commented about the cleanliness and "clean smell" of the facility. The kitchen looks great, with the new tile countertop almost completed, and the sink ready to be installed tomorrow. Garland and I have been working on the ceiling project, and let me just tell you -- if you ever need a drop ceiling installed, CALL SOMEONE ELSE! My goodness, this is a frustrating job. It is like playing Jenga! One wrong move and the whole thing comes toppling down. How do I know? Because I have toppled it several times! But as we work we gain more ability with it, and near the end of the day, in the words of Jim K., we were "walkin' the dog." We got framing up in two rooms, finished the unfinished ceiling in the bathroom (after which I removed Eric Howard's masking tape that he left in place when he painted the bathroom last year!), and got things prepared to frame out another room tomorrow.

During our lunch break, folks ate at several of the local spots in Northfield. Several of us went to O'Maddi's Deli, and it was as good as promised. We had a great chat with the owner. We also discovered that amid the many changing plans, we would be responsible for conducting the youth group meeting tonight. The church's youth leader had surgery today to remove a suspicious mass. Two of her daughters are in the youth group and shared that the surgery had gone well and that there were no further concerns at this point. My family and Kristin stayed at the church to do this while everyone else returned to the house. This time with the church's young people was a great blessing for us all. We let Kristin take the lead on most of the activities -- she did some ice breaker games, asked some Bible Study questions, and shared her testimony of how she came to know the Lord. We prayed together with the young people about their needs that they shared. This is a really special group of teens and God is doing amazing things in their lives. We fed them pizza and loved on them for a little while, and it was a really great time of ministry and fellowship.

We came back excited and eager to share with everyone about this great opportunity we had, but we came into a quiet house, as everyone except Donna had gone to bed. That's understandable -- this has been a physically and spiritually demanding trip, and I'm sure I'm not the only one whose body is aching and tired.

On Wednesday, we will go back to Northfield for our final day of work at New Life. We hope to finish the kitchen counter and sink, make some good headway on the ceiling, and complete the thorough cleaning. Mid-day, some of our team will go to the pregnancy center to volunteer with some of their material assistance needs, while others are planning to go to the home of a church member with a new baby to do some cleaning.

It is hard to believe that I have been in Vermont for 4 days and have only had one maple creamee (last year I think I had 3 a day!), but we are going to have to see if we can't arrange to have another one tomorrow perhaps.

Thanks so much for your prayers. This is a wonderful team of folks to be with, and we have enjoyed our fellowship and ministry time, as well as getting to know some of our brothers and sisters in Christ here. Keep praying for us! We look forward to being back home soon. 

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