Saturday, September 14, 2013

Vermont Adventure - Day 1


Hello Friends! The Immanuel 11 have arrived in Harrisburg, PA where we
will lodge for the night. We left IBC at 7am this morning and made
good time coming up the road. We've been blessd so far with safe
travel and good weather. We had a little rain in Gettysburg, where we
played "tourist" for a few hours, but the brevity of the rain was
nothing compared to some spectacular rainbows afterward.

Many of our team members had never been to Gettysburg before, so it
was great to introduce them to this important event of our nation's
history, even if some might have thought the "unofficial tour guide" (me) was taking too long to explore the battlefield. I heard reports that one passenger in the other vehicle was threatening to eat the upholstery if we didn't get a move on, so we did. We've enjoyed great fellowship so far. Jim B. was a trooper
and spent the entire day driving "the big van," while I drove "the
little van." Upon arriving at our lodging place tonight, we had a
brief team meeting. I'd encourage you to watch the following videos
that we shared tonight in our meeting:

Today, we travelled through NC, VA, WV, MD & PA. Tomorrow we will
cover even more ground. Thanks for all of your encouragement and
support ... Please keep us in your prayers!

Before I close out this update, I know regular readers of my mission
trip blog updates are probably wondering where the funny stories and
food reviews are. So without further ado ...

We have shared many laughs today, but for me the funniest moment came
when we were arriving here in Harrisburg and I doled out the room
assignments. Carolyn was one of the first to see her room, after which
she proceeded to tell her roommate Kristin to settle in with her in
the room with the big flashing red light. Well, as it turns out, their
room does have an enormous red glowing emergency exit sign hanging
from the ceiling! Not to mention that they have a room with a view ...
Of the drive thru lane at McDonalds! So immediately I began laughing
hysterically. Seinfeld fans can appreciate the analogies I was drawing
in mind with the infamous "Kenny Rogers Roasters" episode. If you've
never seen it (and if you have you will thank me for this) ... Here's
a "cliff notes" version (just imagine Kristin & Carolyn as Jerry &

Here's hoping their rods and cones aren't permanently damaged.

As for today's culinary delights ... First stop was Starbucks just
south of Roanoke where we were treated by a generous benefactor to
complimentary morning beverages (Thank you very much!). Then we
stopped at Arby's for lunch in Woodstock, Va. Did you know Arby's now
has a brisket sandwich? It's actually not half bad, especially now
that you can sub your fries for a side salad. I mean has anyone ever
eaten curly fries and looked back on it convinced that it was a good
decision to do so? I think they should be banned by the FDA or FEMA or
NASA or something.

Then for dinner Yelp! led us to a local pizza shop - Central Dauphin
Pizza. Besides a couple of discombobulated orders, the food was
excellent and the atmosphere was sufficiently authentic to convince us
that we were no longer south of the Mason Dixon line. If your ever
passing through Harrisburg and want a pie, I'd recommend Central
Dauphin. Assuming, of course that you don't want, like a pumpkin pie
or a blueberry pie. I don't think they have those there. Just the pies with sauce and cheese and meat and vegetables.

Okay, that's all for Day 1. Pray for good rest and continued safe
travels! Thanks for your prayers so far. It is now 6am Saturday and we are about ready to get the wheels rolling for an odyssey through six states today to our final destination! 

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