Monday, September 16, 2013

Vermont Adventure - 9/15


We had a great day today. We began with worship at New Life Cburch
where Pastor Trey brought a good message on the Authority of Christ.
Church attendance was significantly larger than it was a year ago,
largely due to Norwich Umiversity being in session (we were here
before the start of the semester last year). There were also several
new families and couples in the church. Seating was nearly maxed out
for the service.

After service we went to the Knotty Shamrock (which ranks up among my
favorite restaurant names in the world) for a good lunch. We enjoyed
fellowship with Trey and Robyn and their children.

 From there, we went to Mayo Manor Nursing Home for a ministry time.
We spent some time getting to know the residents before we started
with the Bible Study. We sang some hymns and Donna shared a wonderful
testimony of how God had carried their family through a terrible
hardship. Richard delivered a great devotional on the 23rd Psalm. This
entire time was a blessing to all of us an it was a joy to see each
team member interacting sweetly with the residents.

After leaving the nursing home we went for a walk along Cox Bridge
Road, which winds through 3 covered bridges. During this time, I had a
divine appointment with one of Trey's coworkers which will lead to
good follow up conversations hopefully.

After touring the bridges, I took the team to a true Vermont landmark
-- the Pumpen' Pantry -- for maple creamees. Some people had the
audacity to order something different but I think the rest finally
understood why we've been going on and on about maple creamees for the
last year. Trey and his family met us here and we went a LONG way out
of town to the home of Ed and Marti. They are "living the dream" --
they bought 40 acres on the side of a mountain, built a log cabin from
their own timber, an began living off the land. Ed has a small maple
syrup operation and described the process from the tree to the bottle.
Some of us purchased some syrup and honey to enjoy when we get home.
The church provided us with a potluck meal and the food was delicious.

We returned back to lodge late evening and had a brief meeting before
turning it. It was a long day, filled with activity, but all in all a
glorious and joy-filled day.

Monday morning now, and we are scrambling to find a missing item. One
of the team members has a crisis going on and the rest of the team is
scrambling to assist. We have just prayed and would appreciate your
prayers too.

As soon as we resolve this, we are heading out to Northfield to begin
working at the church. We sure could use your prayers this morning as
things are starting off a little crazy. God is in control.

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