Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Vermont Adventure - 9/16


As I mentioned in my last update, things got off to a weird start this
morning. But once our little crisis was resolved, we were on the road
to begin our work.

Some of the crew began an aggressive cleaning mission in the church,
some ran errands, while others began the construction projects. It was
decided that some would work on the kitchen sink and counter, while
others would work on the drop ceiling. The cleaning team washed
windows and walls, cleaned chairs and surfaces, and sanitized toys. We
hit our stride just in time to break for lunch.

Richard, Donna and I went on a grocery run and came back to the House
to get dinner started in the crock pot; Some went to Subway, and
others to a Cafe in the village square. By the time we were back from
the house, we spotted part of the team prayerwalking. They had several
divine appointments along the way.

After a long and hard day of work, we returned to the house and had
dinner. Our friends Steve and Nellene stopped in, and I imposed on
them to lead our team meeting with a little spiritual geography lesson
on Vermont.

It was a good day -- not without its challenges and stresses, but
filled with joy and expressions of love for the Lord and neighbor.
Thanks for praying for us. Everyone is doing well, praise God. Please
continue to pray for health and strength forthe team, as well as for
the unity and fellowship of the team, and for God to be glorified
through our time and energy invested in His name here in Vermont.

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