Monday, September 23, 2013

Vermont Update - 9/19 (Final Post)

I want to thank all of you who have been praying for us during our Vermont trip. We left Vermont on 9/20 and returned home on 9/21. Thankfully, those were pretty uneventful days that consisted primarily of driving, driving, and more driving. On 9/19, we took a day off to have some fun in Vermont, and here is a post I wrote that night when we returned back to our lodge.


Today we had a day off to play the role of tourist ... And by
"tourist", I mean "people who eat a lot." We rolled out at the crack
of 10 this morning and went to Wayside Restaurant in Berlin for
brunch, which everyone seemed to enjoy. From here we went to Morse
Farm, a large Maple Syrup production farm north of Montpelier. They
even make maple creamies, so, you know, it's obligatory.

 From Morse Farm, we went to the Cabot Cheese store in Waterbury, and
the Brave Coffee Shop, and some other shops there at this site. After
sampling various cheeses and maple products, we moved on to the Cider
Mill where we watched cider being made, drank it straight from the
vat, and had cider donuts.

We opted to proceed to somewhere that did not have food, so we went to
the Trapp Family Lodge. Some of us even had a close encounter with a
real live Von Trapp grandchild there. After a stroll around the lovely
grounds, we we departed to the quaint downtown area of Stowe. After a
brief jaunt through a couple of shops, we made our way down the
mountain. One team member requested another stop at the Pump & Pantry -
not for a maple creamie, but for maple syrup. The same syrup that sold
for $45 in some of the  tourist shops is sold to locals at the gas
station for $22. But you know, since we were at the Pump & Pantry
anyway, some decided to go ahead and have a maple creamie. Not me. No
sir. I have already one today, and I have willpower. So I didn't have
one. Instead I had a maple sundae! I might have found something that
tops a maple creamie.

Completely overwhelmed with our own gluttony, we went over to
Northfield to say goodbye to Pastor Trey and his family. After some
hugs and farwells we made our way back to the house to pack and
prepare to depart in the morning. We have been truly blessed during
this trip. Hard to believe it's almost over. Always hard to leave a
place where the needs are so noticeably great, but we are eager to get
home -- and perhaps reawakened to the needs around us there.

When I plan mission trips, there are several "underlying" objectives.
(1) that the team would have such an experience that all would be
eager to go again in the future. (2) that the team would go home eager
to sere the Lord there with as much intentionality and focus as here.
I am praying that both of these will be so. We are already talking
about next year's trip. Hope you'll come along!

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