Sunday, September 15, 2013

Vermont Adventure - Day 2

Our second day of travel got off to a great start. Most of the team
seemed to rest at least somewhat during our overnight hiatus in
Harrisburg. After coffee was brewed and a little repacking and
cleaning we were on the way north again.

The "gauntlet" (as I like to call it) between the Jersey Turnpike and
the Connecticut border is a wheel-gripping, white-knuckling, anxiety
producing stretch of road. But in all honesty, I don't mind driving it
and traffic and other delays today were minimal. However, I think I
might have lost the respect of some team members who question my
judgment on the routing. I've been told that there may be a coup
developing and I could be voted off the island if I speak of returning
through the Bronx again.

We stopped for lunch at Sono Seafood in Norwalk, CT - a place Donia
and I consider indispensible on any trip to New England. A few of us
braved the brisk chilly wind to soak up a little sunshine while dining
al fresco, while the res chose to eat inside (this may be where the
coup was incited!)

After this excellent meal, we were back on the road and soon miles
were clicking by. In no time were through CT, MA and at the entrance
to VT. A short, scenic drive winds it's way from I-89 to Washington.
En route we passed a village fair that looked like an event from a
bygone era. A short time later we arrived at the Calef House and began
to settle in.

I must say that the team has shown remarkable resilience and
flexibility thus far. No matter how much you try to prepare someone
for the fact the drive up here is VERY long and hard, it is
incomprehensible until -- after two long days of driving -- someone
says "How much longer?" and the answer is still given in hours. Room
assignments haven't worked out exactly as planned. The diversity of
personalities and idiosyncracies on the team is a guarantee that
misunderstandings and offense will arise, but so far the team is
rolling along well with whatever comes our way.

I write these final words on Sunday morning, 9/15. Rumor has it that
there was some good restful sleep enjoyed by my roommates.
Momentarily, we will be leaving for church at New Life in Northfield.
We have a long, full day of ministry and fellowship ahead. After
worship, we'll eat lunch, then we have nursing home ministry at 2pm
followed by a fellowship gathering at the home of some church members
tonight. Thanks for continuing to pray. We are praying for our family
and friends back home, especially Pastor Jack and the saints at
Immanuel as they gather for worship this morning.

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